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CORE Talks- Navigating Careers with Coach Kai: Fast Forward to Success is a Program

CORE Talks- Navigating Careers with Coach Kai: Fast Forward to Success


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Join us for "Navigating Careers with Coach Kai: Fast Forward to Success," a dynamic webinar exploring the power of professionalism in the modern workplace.

Led by Coach Kai, this session will delve into the essence of professionalism, focusing on the 3 Ps—Personality, Presentability, and Practice. Gain insights into enhancing your personal brand through effective communication, polished appearance, and impeccable etiquette.

Discover practical strategies for navigating workplace relationships, managing conflicts, leveraging emotional intelligence, and handling stress gracefully. Walk away with actionable tips to implement daily habits for professionalism and overcome common challenges.

Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your journey to success. Register now and unlock your full potential in the professional arena!


“Genuine professionals practice good self-regulation. This means they stay professional under pressure. They are polite and respectful to the people around them. They show a high degree of emotional intelligence, and are careful to consider the emotions and needs of others.” -Mindtools


At the end of the workshop, participants will:

1. Deepen self-awareness by exploring the different aspects of being professional;

2. Learn and understand what it means to be professional through the 3 Ps: Personality, Presentability and Practice;

3. Appreciate the value of workplace etiquette when one behaves with professionalism;

4. Have practical advice on personal situations that affect careers as it relates to professionalism (How to dress for their body type; How to dress for the role you want, not the role you have; How do you carry a conversation, etc)


Coach Kai Soriano-Sta. Cruz

Coach Kai (pronounced as "Kay") is seasoned in the corporate world with 25 years of experience in local and multinational companies. She rose through the ranks with a passion for developing people. She shifted to consulting, training & coaching in 2018 after leaving Singapore where she was the Regional Director for Asia-Pacific of the Investment Banking research division of a multinational company. Kai is a Communication Arts graduate from the University of Asia & the Pacific and took Humanities at the University of Navarre in Spain. She also completed a Management Development Program in Tokyo, a professional series of courses from the Singapore Management University and certificate courses in Life Coaching and Art Therapy in Singapore. She came back to the Philippines to pursue further learning and coach businesses, entrepreneurs, executives and young professionals on how to navigate their respective businesses and careers successfully, touching on the art and science of Communication. Apart from coaching, Kai is also a sought-after resource speaker for various groups, focusing on The Growth Mindset; she also became a part-time professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific where she continues to be a chosen mentor for students. In her free time, Kai enjoys arts & crafts, teaching calligraphy and bonding with her close-knit family.


Php 500


May 22, 2024

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